The world situation has forced us to stay at home buying everything online . We get used to the click – pay – wait for it . Just take a call to go to the door and pick up the products ; however, how beneficial is it to do this during the pandemic?

Think of local businesses and the lack of support they suffer . Now, in the nutritional values ​​offered by the products, we are not very happy to consume what the body does not need and in the end, we blame the COVID-19 pandemic for not being healthy or for buying from large corporations while the locals go. in decline .

For this, there is a rule that experts call 5/20 and it has to do with what each food product contains, comparing the nutrients of each one and what it contributes to both the human body and consumption habits.

The 5/20 rule in eating

The first step in doing this is checking the labels of each one to identify the nutrients . Always read carefully or else there could be a small mistake that wreaks havoc on your health.

If the product has 20% nutrient it is fine . In fact, it exceeds what is needed by the body. However, if you have 5% it is below what we need . So, if some cookies, for example, provide 20% of the nutrient, you have to consume a moderate amount, but if they offer 5% it is advisable not to consume more, but to supplement with other nutrients.

This is not decided by us, but by a health specialist. Therefore, we must go with one to find the balance in the diet. Remember that nutrients provide various health benefits, so it is recommended that a nutritionist guide us to better understand the 5/20 rule.

The 5/20 rule in consumption

Without a doubt, packaged and labeled products offer all the nutritional information we need to know the composition, but the natural does not have it. The truth is that we do not require it, since they come from the earth and we know perfectly well that they will bring us benefits.

Here it rather applies within the economy, that is, if a product in supermarkets or similar increases the price by 5 to 20%, then in local businesses it will be cheaper and, by far, fresher. So, the best thing is to buy in those spaces that are close to our home , even when it comes to prepared food.

This rule is a good suggestion to keep in mind ; However, we always recommend going to a doctor to improve health and always try to consume in local businesses or at least as much as possible.